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Hudson Valley Harvest was created in 2011 to improve access to the bounty of the Hudson Valley. We felt that we were fortunate to live in such a fertile and productive Valley. Provided for by hardworking  men and women, steeped in a proud agricultural tradition. We work with these farms to provide local, traceable, transparent food of the highest quality to the Tri-State area.


To Our Friends & Customers,

Hudson Valley Harvest was formed in 2011 to bring  you the best produce and meats from the Hudson Valley. Our network of independently owned local farms produces some of the most delicious, highest quality local food found anywhere. Then, we make it reliably and conveniently available.

Getting your food from Hudson Valley Harvest means you can finally count on easy access to the incredible bounty of the Hudson Valley: fresh, flavorful local food. In contrast to national distributors who mix produce and meat from multiple regions into one untraceable national inventory, we operate locally. Everything you get from us will be transparent and traceable to its source. Each package tells a unique story: the variety of vegetable or breed of animal, the farm of origin, the farming methods used, and the distance traveled from farm to processor.

Everyday we learn more about irresponsible — and often cruel — commercial farming practices. Product recalls seem to happen weekly. Supermarket shelves are packed with highly processed products that, to us, barely resemble food. Hudson Valley Harvest is different. We’re not changing the game, we’re playing the game our grandfathers played. Our farmers produce food — good food. Our farms are not factories manufacturing “calorie delivery systems.” For a farmer to make it into our network they have to respect the earth and the animal, and cherish that a harvest reaped from such respect is unparalleled in quality.

We know food has gotten confusing. We like to think in simple terms: food that travels the shortest distance from the farm to your plate is healthier and tastes better than conventionally grown meats and produce. Simple. We produce all-natural, local food using sustainable practices, and we always keep you and your family in mind, as well as our own.

We celebrate the beauty and agriculture of the Hudson Valley, and we aim to be a destination for consumers who want to know more about their food. We proudly feature our farms and farmers right here on our site. As we move forward we will provide more information about how to get to know your local food and why. The more you learn, the better you’ll eat, and the happier and healthier you’ll be.

If you have further questions please call 1 (800) 811 3795 to speak with a representative. Stop by any time, we look forward to meeting you.


The Hudson Valley Harvest Team